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Brandi. 27. Cinephile. Vegan. Feminist. Atheist.

I live in the East Bay near San Francisco, CA .

Films. Television. Music. Pop culture. Punk rock. Astronomy. Canines. Vegan noms. Lust for life.

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2nd July 2014

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Why is it that the more you like someone, the more awkward you get around them?

Is it just me?

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10th May 2014

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you cant come back from that


you cant come back from that

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21st March 2014

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this is england (2006)


this is england (2006)

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19th March 2014

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10th February 2014

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Wedding photo booth ridiculousness. 

Wedding photo booth ridiculousness. 

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23rd January 2014

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17th January 2014

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14th January 2014

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10th January 2014

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GPOY forever and always

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8th January 2014

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Reblog if you’re unattractive, awkward and single.



over 718k people. why can’t we pair up? just because you think you’re unattractive doesn’t mean we think so too

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26th December 2013

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5th December 2013

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Tina is my spirit animal. 

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30th November 2013

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6th November 2013

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3rd November 2013

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why did I say that?
— me every time I open my big dumb idiot baby mouth (via pajamaben)

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